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  • Perdue Home

    This cherry kitchen features a custom Drfitwood stain, daringly paired with marble countertops.

  • Grand Isle Closet with Island and Window Seat

    This beautiful closet features our Grand Isle door style in our Fog stain

  • Garden Home door style in Cherry with Medium stain and Black Glaze

    This traditional inset kitchen features Cherry wood in a warm medium stain with black glaze. It includes an island with an integrated eating bar and a farm sink.

  • Williamson Residence - Island view

    This historic home in Columbia, SC features a stunning black island brushed stainless appliances.

  • Williamson Sink view

    This is the second view we show of this historic home. The traditional black and white inset cabinetry looks is given a touch of the modern by the stainless island top and dishwasher.

  • Williamson Window view

    In our 3rd view of this historic home, we see a stainless farm sink paired with inset cabinets. It makes quite a statement!

  • DuPont Residence - Window view

    The Duponts wanted a kitchen with instant comfort. Their designer masterfully achieved this goal by pairing our Long Beach door style with a cool custom grey painted finish.

  • DuPont Residence - Range view

    As we look straight on towards the range, we see simple lines, excellent (not overdone) lighting and bar stools which exhibit taste with a casual flair. All of these elements combine beautifully to achieve the DuPont's goal of "Instant Comfort".

  • Stewart Residence - Wet Bar in their Terrace Den

    This simple wet bar features our North Andover door style in Cherry with our Chestnut stain and Black Burnish. The pairing of the darker stain with the ruggedly textured back splash create a natural flow when walking out of their terrace den onto their terrace, complete with a complimentary outdoor bar and large stone fireplace.

  • Downey Lane Closet

    This stunning closet features our Downey Lane door style and our Ellie Grey paint

  • Cosby Residence - Range View

    When the Cosby family decided to remodel the kitchen in their 1920's era home in metro Birmingham, they really wanted to add modern conveniences while maintaining the period look. They chose a simple inset door style made from Cherry and complimented it with retro appliances and a rain forest marble island counter top.

  • Cosby Residence Wine Rack View

    In a corner of the kitchen outside of the work triangle, the Cosbys added a wine bar and a window seat.

  • 104 Tall Oaks Drive 1

    In the first of three pictures of this kitchen, we see a mix of white and grey cabinetry used to create a modern transitional feel.

  • 104 Tall Oaks Drive #2

    In our second view of this kitchen, we see how angled walls and angled cabinetry can dramatically impact the overall design.

  • 104 Tall Oaks Drive #3

    In our final view of this kitchen, the multi-color tile back splash not only adds an artistic flair to the kitchen, it also brings cohesion to two seemingly contrasting colors on the cabinetry.

  • Klein Kitchen - View from Rear of Island

    This remodeled kitchen features our New Ashford door style in Cherry.

  • Emedi Residence - Window view

    When planning their retirement home, Mr & Mrs Emedi wanted a traditional door style in a traditional finish. They wanted an emphasis on wood tones, not on metallic appliance colors. The challenge was to minimize the appliances while also setting up their cook top so that they could prepare meals while entertaining guests. By incorporating a custom wood island range hood, their designer cleverly achieved both of their main objectives. This image features our Mount Vernon door style in our timeless Pinot Noir stain.

  • 415 Gilpin View 1

    Our traditional New Ashford door style takes on a transitional look when painted white and combined with cool grey walls and floor tiles.

  • 415 Gilpin View 2

    Our second view of this home reveals that the modern kitchen opens into a cozy, but fairly large breakfast room.

  • 415 Gilpin - view from Eating Bar

    Our third view of this kitchen is from the raised eating bar, outside of the kitchen proper.

  • 2P Nat Oyst Kitchen Large

    This large, bright kitchen features our Warm Springs door style in our Natural finish with oyster glaze. Island legs accent the island and dining bar.

  • Cottage Grove cabinets with Amber stain

    This charming kitchen with a cottage theme features our Cottage Grove door style in our Amber stain

  • White transitional inset kitchen remodel in Atlanta

    This gorgeous kitchen proves that transitional styling can be successfully achieved even when using traditional inset cabinetry.

  • Adams Residence - Kitchen - Range Wall view

    This elegant kitchen features the beaded inset styling of our Grand Isle door style in Cherry with a custom stain and Chocolate glaze.

  • Adams Residence - Kitchen - 2nd view

    Our 2nd view of this kitchen shows why inset cabinetry, particularly in rich dark finishes, can be used to create elegant, yet comfortable living spaces.

  • Adams Kitchen - View 3

    In our third view of the kitchen from the Adams Residence, we see the front side of the island and the sink area.

  • Grand Isle door style Brilliant White with Chocolate Glaze and pediment above

    This architecturally-inspired kitchen features glass door panels with carved appliques, as well as a pediment and varied cabinet heights. It features our Grand Isle door style with beaded frames.

  • Chef's Choice - Stove view

    Many chefs lean towards simplicity when designing their own kitchens. But not always. When designing his personal kitchen, this unnamed chef knew that, because of the small size of his loft apartment, he was going to be challenged to create the heavy, almost industrial look that he wanted without overpowering the small space. As this picture shows, he was bale to pull it off masterfully!

  • Fairmont Lake House

    The owners of this lake house wanted a bold, earthy feel, but didn't want it overly rustic in appearance. They chose our Fairmont door style and stainless appliances to bring balance to the stone and the distressed wood floors.

  • Klamath Falls door style with Brilliant White paint

    This bright transitional kitchen mixes painted cabinetry with stained wood counters, floors and bar stools. It features our Klamath Falls door style with our Brilliant White paint.

  • Napa Valley laundry and mud room

    This spacious room does double duty as both a laundry room and a mud room. It features our Napa Valley door style.

  • Lucas Residence - Range Hood view

    Range wall view of the Lucas Residence. Courtesy of Kitchen & Bath Associates - - 202.308.0242

  • Lucas Residence - Sink view

    Sink view of the Lucas Residence. Courtesy of Kitchen & Bath Associates - - 202.308.0242

  • Kitchen & Desk view of Lucas Residnece

    Overall kitchen and desk view of the Lucas Residence. Courtesy of Kitchen & Bath Associates - - 202.308.0242

  • Lucas Residence - Master Bath

    Master bath from the Lucas Residence. Courtesy of Kitchen & Bath Associates - - 202.308.0242

  • Jack n Jill Bath 2

  • Jack n Jill Bath 1

  • Butler's Pantry from the Lucas residence

    Butler's Pantry from the Lucas Residence. Courtesy of Kitchen & Bath Associates - - 202.308.0242

  • Davis Kitchen - Island View

    Because Mrs Davis does some catering from the family kitchen, it was important to her to get as much counter space as possible. Her designer met this need by utilizing two islands. To give her even more storage space, she also incorporated stacked cabinetry into the design. This kitchen features our Long Beach door style with our Light stain and Chocolate glaze

  • Lafayette Square master bath with Taupe base coat and Chocolate glaze

    This elegantly angled master vanity features his and her sinks, linen storage above and features our Lafayette Square cabinets with our Taupe base coat and chocolate glaze.

  • Oxford door style with custom green stain mountain home

    Nestled in the North Carolina mountains, this kitchen features a striking custom green stain on our Oxford door style, which is accented with beautiful pine beams.

  • 917 Pinecroft Road -view from end of Island

    The home at 917 Pinecroft shows that traditional stain colors play an important role even in modern kitchens.

  • 917 Pinecroft Road sink view

    In our second view of this kitchen, we see that opting for a traditional stain color can provide an element of warmth to a modern kitchen design.

  • 917 Pinecroft Road window view

    Our third view of the kitchen at 917 Pinecroft shows how large windows can make a room feel much larger. And the nature seen through the window is complemented by the texture and natural wood grain in the cabinetry.

  • 917 Pinecroft Road Bar

    The tone of the lighting, the simple lines of the bar area and the placement of the piano all combine to create a balanced, sophisticated feel.

  • 917 Pinecroft Road Office

    Large windows, skylights and stained cabinetry were used to create this light, airy office for two at 917 Pinecroft.

  • 7 Rolling Road

    This white kitchen with a contrasting black island features our St Cloud inset cabinetry with beaded frames.

  • 7 Rolling Road - View #2

    Our second image of this kitchen shows some distinctive custom features, such as the custom X muliion doors from Conestoga Wood Specialties, one of our honored vendors

  • 7 Rolling Road View 3

    In our 3rd view of this kitchen, we see how the designer paired a bold hood with custom "X" mullion doors.

  • 7 Rolling Road - view 4

    We see intelligently designed use of space, both under and over the counter, in our 4th view of this kitchen.

  • Olaf Hutch

    This hutch from the Olaf residence features our New Ashford Cherry inset door style with a custom stain and Black glaze.

  • Weston Residence - Island Cooktop view

    When the time came to attempt to modernize the kitchen in this historic home, the designer added an island between the main kitchen and part of the original room in order to create a small breakfast nook. As you'll see a few images from now, they also added in another modern surprise!

  • Weston Residence - Breakfast Nook view

    This view is from the breakfast nook added during the modernization of the kitchen in this home.

  • Weston Residence - China Cabinet View

    In our third image from the Weston Residence, we see a china cabinet with a pantry to the left side. Or do we....? (see next image)

  • Weston - Hidden Laundry Area and China Cabinet

    Surprise! One of the modern conveniences added to this historic home was a laundry area just off of the kitchen. to hide the washer and dryer, the designer crafted doors from cabinet fronts so that it looks like a pantry cabinet from the period.

  • 849_TurnberryDrive

    Some things never go out of fashion. The emphasis on wood ceilings and cabinetry in a solid, casual format are paired with a conservative finish to give the kitchen at 849 Turnberry that look of timeless comfort.

  • Long Residence - Refrigerator Wall

    Shortly before their wedding, the Longs stumbled onto an affordable small home far closer to metro DC than they dreamed possible. As with many homes in that neighborhood, the kitchen was dated and needed remodeling. They wanted a contemporary flair with some traditional influence. Their designer paired our Park City door style and a custom paint color with Dacor stainless appliances.

  • Entertainment Center Jamestown door style with Medium stain

    While remodeling their kitchen, this family decided to add a built-in book case and entertainment center in their living room. They chose our Jamestown door style with a Medium stain.

  • Mallory Residence - Bar Area

    The Mallorys are serious wine enthusiasts, but they didn't feel that they could justify dedicating an entire room for use as a cellar. They wanted their red and white wines climatized separately, but they wanted a functioning bar area. Their Cabinet Designer teamed up with their Interior Decorator to create a dazzling space which stores a surprising amount of wine.

  • North Andover door style in Knotty Alder

    When your view is of a snowy mountain peak, cabinetry made from Knotty Alder is right at home. Exposed ceiling beams, stone floors and acid-distressed copper panels only add to the look.

  • Jamestown Entertainment Center with split posts and large Dentil molding

    This regal entertainment center and bookcase is accented with split capitals and posts, along with large dentil molding beneath the crown molding. Jamestown door style

  • Holmes Residence - Sink view

    When the Holmes family decided to remodel their kitchen, they already knew that they wanted the space-saving benefits of full access cabinetry like they had seen in Europe, but they wanted a fairly traditional look.

  • Holmes Residence - Range View

    As we look at the Range side of the Holmes' kitchen, we see how nicely painted and stained cabinetry can complement one another.

  • Ryals Residence - Island View

    When the Ryals family decided to leave the city and build a home on the family's farmland, they wanted to create a decidedly country atmosphere.

  • 25 ft All in One Kitchen

    This kitchen and wet bar started with a 25 ft wall of cabinetry and an island. The owners were torn between traditional and contemporary styling. In the end, they decided to meet in the middle, resulting in a comfortable transitional setting.

  • Danbury kitchen with Amber stain

    This simple, but beautiful shaker kitchen is warm and inviting. Notice the lovely old barn out of the kitchen window. Our Danbury door style is featured.

  • Harchuck Pantry & Desk

    This area utilizes our Thomaston door style with our Amber stain to create a space with considerable pantry storage, as well as a small desk area.

  • Kitchen Sink Window View

    This kitchen just oozes airy, cool comfort. Our Danbury door style is featured.

  • Island View

    Our 2nd view of this kitchen focuses on the center island.

  • Panoramic view of Entire Kitchen

    The entire kitchen is captured in a panoramic image in our 3rd view of this kitchen.

  • Full Access Shaker kitchen in cherry

    This shaker kitchen is so sleek that it could almost be called contemporary. The cherry wood is accented by a glass tile back splash and stainless appliances.

  • Jamestown Zinfandel Entertainment Center

    When a young couple wanted to add a built-in entertainment center into their living room, they found that our Jamestown Cherry door style in a custom stain color was exactly the traditional styling that they wanted.

  • Mixed door styles in hickory with AGA stove

    The owners of this kitchen mixed two door styles and added an AGA stove and a love-it-or-hate-it subway tile back splash to create a stunning retro look

  • 855 Meadowcroft View 1

    This open kitchen plan features our Danbury door style with white paint.

  • 855 Meadowcroft View 2

    Our second view of this kitchen reveals interesting angles and a complex ceiling line, which help to create an airy openness in a galley kitchen.

  • Home Library in Natural Maple with Chocolate Glaze

    An entire wall of floor to ceiling bookcases is the focal point in this home library. Maple bookcases have a natural finish, along with our chocolate glaze.

  • Kong Residence - Master Bath

    This East-Meets-West, his and her master bath features our Thomaston door style.

  • North Andover Door Style in Cherry with Light stain

    This image shows how shaker, even in traditional cherry, can be an excellent choice for a transitional kitchen.

  • Sullivan Beach House - Range Hood View

    For their Summer Beach home, the Sullivan family chose to combine traditional tones with a playful flair.

  • Sullivan Beach House - View from Bartop

    For their Summer Beach home, the Sullivan family chose to combine traditional tones with a playful flair.

  • McGonigal Residence - Master Bath

    The McGonigals sought to create a timeless look when remodeling their master bath - and did a splendid job of it!

  • 413 Anthwyn View 1

    This traditionally-stained kitchen features our Danbury door style.

  • 413 Anthwyn View 2

    Our second view of this kitchen focuses on the stove and eating bar areas.

  • play room built in TV Cabinet blue

    The owners of this home wanted a built-in TV cabinet in their children's play room, but they also knew that painted wood subjected to daily use by kids can quickly start to look worn down. They decided to a Blue base coat, with our hand-applied Edgewear technique so that any wear and tear by the children would only add to the existing look.

  • 704_KirkwellDrive

    704 Kirkwell Drive is a great example of elegant warmth. The layout is sophisticated, but not stuffy. And the overall tone is instantly comfortable.

  • 4168 Saddlebrook - view 1

    The designer for 4168 Saddlebrook used stacked cabinetry and strategically-placed mullion doors to create a truly beautiful living space. This view highlights the center island eating bar.

  • 4168 Saddlebrook - View 2

    Our second view of 4168 Saddlebrook is taken from the front of the center island and shows the cooking center behind it.

  • 4168 Saddlebrook - view 3

    Our final view of 4168 Saddlebrook is taken from the breakfast room.

  • Bryan Residence - Hall Storage

    What makes this storage hutch interesting is that the Bryans chose our Danbury door style, which is considered fairly traditional, but transformed it into a transitional piece by adding a custom red base coat with Edgewear.

  • Borchert Vanity

    This his-and-her master vanity is notably warm. Starting with our Richmond cherry door style, the designer chose a warm reddish brown stain color, then added a paint in the same broad color range as the stain to reinforce the warmth of the room.

  • Borchert Window Seat

    Our second view of the Borchert Master Bath shows a window seat. The cushion on top of the seat was made with a fabric carefully chosen to reinforce the warm setting.

  • Waye Residence - Cook Center from Island

    This award-winning kitchen remodel is particularly interesting because its designer chose to incorporate three different finishes on the cabinetry. Our first view is taken from the outer corner of the island.

  • Waye Residence from rear of island

    Our second view of the Waye family's kitchen is from the rear of the island.

  • Waye Residence - Long View

    Our third view of the Waye residence is perhaps the one which best shows the three different finishes used on the cabinetry. The bulk of the kitchen features a base coat and glaze. The island features an old-world distressed finish. The bar area at the end of the kitchen features a stained finish.

  • Hine Master Bath - Her Side

    While Mrs Hine wanted a fairly standard finish on the cabinetry in the master bath area, she wanted ornate texture added to the cabinetry. Her designer started with 1/2" overlay doors. She added further texture by applying onlay corbels, onlay flutes and rosettes (instead of integrated flutes), applied molding at the bottom of the cabinets and turned furniture feet.

  • O'Brien Residence - Kitchen

    This kitchen in our Richmond door style has an interesting raised eating bar at the end of a double-deep island, which includes both a cook top on the kitchen side and a bar sink on the living/entertainment side of the room.

  • O'Brien Bar

    How do you maximize the storage space on a wall where the stairwell angles upward on one side and the wall height is lower on the opposite side? As the O'Brien's designer shows us, one way is to stair step the wall cabinets on both sides.

  • 3rd look at cherry and white kitchen

    This is our third view of this kitchen. Here we are able to appreciate some of the architectural details of the island as well as the stove wall.

  • Two Tone Galley with Island

    A long space without return walls such as we find in this kitchen allow for some interesting possibilities. This family chose Cherry cabinetry in a medium tone and used a white paint and ornamentation on the island/eating bar.

  • Cooktop Wall View - Fifth Avenue Cherry

    In our second look at this kitchen, we see the ornate cherry range hood and the carved accents around the built-in refrigerator. The door style is our Fifth Avenue line in Cherry.

  • Collins Computer Desk

    The Collins family needed a do-it-all solution on one long wall in their study. The combined desk area, entertainment center and bookcases were made in our Lexington door style with a custom base coat color with chocolate glaze.

  • Molina Kitchen - Island View

    When the Molina family decided to remodel their kitchen, they wanted to incorporate certain old-world textures that they had seen on their frequent trips to Europe. They chose our Richmond cherry door style in a conservative finish, paired with distressed tiles and period hardware.

  • Molina Fly Tying Desk

    This desk, set up for fly tying, is an avid fisherman's dream. And while many duotone color schemes look modern, this one has a classic feel to it.

  • Hanson Residence - First Kitchen

    The Hanson's first home offered high ceilings and an airy floorplan. They set a firm budget for cabinetry, and were able to meet their fashion desires - along with their budget - by choosing our Springfield door style with an Amber stain.

  • Jeter Residence - Laundry Room

    Two very traditional finishes can be combined to create a funky, almost shabby chic appearance. For their laundry room, the Jeters chose our Oxford door style, with the cabinets finished in a custom base coat color with Chocolate glaze, while the doors are finished in a custom Grey base coat with Chocolate glaze.