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  • Fuller Residence

    This loft apartment in the Philadelphia area has all of the modern European flair its owner wished for, with a really exciting texture added at the eating bar

  • DuRocher Kitchen

    With innovative bar seating that allows for much-needed storage in a small loft kitchen,the DuRochers got the eating bar they wanted without sacrificing precious space. We also see in this image that wood cabinetry can be easily incorporated into contemporary styling.

  • Hamby Sterile White

    If you want a clean, sterile, almost lab-like environment, this design may be just the thing for you. Clean white shaker cabinetry with with tile and brick accents keep it cool and clean, but their varied textures provide balance.

  • Linear Graphite Sink View

    This luxurious kitchen demonstrates an artful blend of high gloss foil, brushed stainless metals and marble.

  • Linear Graphite Stove view

    In our second look at this kitchen, we have the marble island back in view, and get an even better idea of how well marble, metal and gloss foils complement each other.

  • Wireframe Copper High Gloss Kitchen

    Using our high-gloss Wireframe Copper foil, along with our factory integrated P01 pulls, you can create a contemporary european-style masterpiece, as seen here.

  • Wenge and White

    This kitchen mixes the exotic warmth of reconstituted Wenge with clean white floors and walls

  • Ivanovich Residence - Range View

    Mrs Ivanovich had a vision for a kitchen that could be kept squeaky clean, yet still feel warm.. The designer achieved this vision by combining white high gloss slab doors and plain white walls with a warm hardwood floor.

  • Ivanovich Residence - Refrigerator view

    Our second view of this kitchen further exhibits the vision that Mrs Ivanovich had for her kitchen. The fit between the riefrigerator and the surrounding cabinetry makes for really clean lines.The hardwood flooring and the large windows give the warmth that she wanted.

  • Robertson Residence - Oven view

    The Robertsons wanted a kitchen with a taste of contemporary styling with a traditional wood finish. The designer used a simple slab door style and stainless appliances with fairly straight lines to create the contemporary feel.

  • FR04 Foil Oyster Vanity

    This custom vanity is interesting in that it uses the Oyster bay foil, a textured foil that looks like old bleached wood, in an almost oriental contemporary setting.

  • Sherman Residence - Island view

    The Shermans are into bold colors. As such, they couldn't settle for just any kitchen. Their designer artfully blended white cabinetry and vibrant purple walls with wood flooring.

  • Sherman Residence - Sink View

    Our second view of the Sherman's kitchen is taken from the left rear of the island and shows that their designer is also an expert on creating an efficient work triangle.

  • Carmichael Residence - Rear of Island view

    This kitchen combines black cabinetry with metal and glass doors for a clean, sophisticated appearance

  • Long Residence - Refrigerator Wall

    Shortly before their wedding, the Longs stumbled onto an affordable small home far closer to metro DC than they dreamed possible. As with many homes in that neighborhood, the kitchen was dated and needed remodeling. They wanted a contemporary flair with some traditional influence. Their designer paired our Park City door style and a custom paint color with Dacor stainless appliances.

  • Shishido Residence - Refrigerator view

    Our Punta Cana door style in cherry is shown here in our Medium stain color. Even medium reddish brown tones can be successfully convey a contemporary feel when used in appropriate designs.

  • Shishido Residence - Island view

    In our second view of this kitchen, we see how well a brownish red stain color works with stainless appliances. This is our Punta Cana door style in Cherry with our Medium stain.

  • 25 ft All in One Kitchen

    This kitchen and wet bar started with a 25 ft wall of cabinetry and an island. The owners were torn between traditional and contemporary styling. In the end, they decided to meet in the middle, resulting in a comfortable transitional setting.

  • Gilmore Kitchen - Refrigerator View

    This flush contemporary full access kitchen combines the warmth of an exotic wood grain and the ease of maintenance that high gloss foil provides.

  • Gilmore Kitchen - Stovetop view

    In our second view of this kitchen, we see that, even when the depth of base cabinets must vary to fit a tight space, flush contemporary cabinetry can still provide a flush, clean appearance.

  • Rossi Kitchen - Refrigerator View

    The Rossi family wanted their kitchen to have sleek lines and to really pop. Their designer paired high gloss white doors with dark ends and a marvelous tile back splash that really set this kitchen apart.

  • Rossi Kitchen Stove View

    In our second view of this kitchen, we see how the stainless appliances and accents, as well as the gloss white bar stools, reinforce the overall look.

  • Diaz - Garage

    When the owner of this garage decided to add cabinets, he wanted the clean look of stainless, some serious storage space, and a workbench with plenty of drawers. By using our integrated P01 recessed pulls, he was able to get exactly what he wanted.

  • Kong Residence - Master Bath

    This East-Meets-West, his and her master bath features our Thomaston door style.